Joint strength

Step by step, the production programme has been expanded, always coherent with medical progress. Today’s product range includes complete dental training systems, i.e. artificial patients, consisting of head with masticatory loading simulator, upper torso, and an attachment for the laboratory workbench or for the dentist’s chair.

Various dental models are available for use with this system. Now students of dentistry can simulate all conceivable diagnostic and therapeutic situations under life-like conditions. Teeth with anatomical build-up of enamel, dentine and dental pulp realistically demonstrate preparation margins; partially edentulous dental models are suitable for fixed or removable restorations, edentulous models for complete dentures. Devitalisation and endodontic treatment can be practiced on teeth with built-in root canal.

Variations for paedodontia and geriodontia concentrate on age specific peculiarities during treatment. Specialised surgical models are available for practice in local anaesthetics, oral surgery, professional extraction of teeth, and the increasingly important area of implantology. This means the student must successfully absolve rigorous training of the necessary treatment steps on the artificial patient, before treating a real-case patient.