Top quality for maximum reality

In our family business, which boasts fifty motivated and dedicated employees, complemented by a globally operating sales team, we lay emphasis on responsibility and dependability for our customers, employees and partner.

Our company headquarters are currently situated on an approximately 5000 m² estate, providing a respectable capacity for future enlargement – a sign that frasaco continues to focus on growth.

The architectural beauty of the company building combines ideal modern ambiance with newest technology. A quality management (QM) certificate according to ISO 9001 affirms frasaco’s competence in this area, and is an important part of the company’s management structure.

The quality of our products meets the high demands set by our customers, seconded only by the qualified professional support and advice provided by our team of employees. 

We boast a successful relationship with the dental traders and our products are available exclusively through them.

At frasaco, customer satisfaction is our top priority. We achieve this by providing innovative products and by seeking the dialogue with users and dental traders. This exchange of information allows us to recognise potential for improvement and to implement this in our developments.

In this way, we help our customers to success with progressive products that are user-friendly and economical. Moreover, coordinated systems further simplify operation.

Marketability, far-sighted conceptual design and flexibility in implementation provide the basis for a real partnership with the operator.

Over the last few years, the range of products has been consequently expanded. Independent research and development brings forward innovative, high-quality products, designed and produced for the dental sector.

Our future is in certain hands; the next generation – the fourth to be precise – will become acquainted with matters of business at an early age and must complete several phases during the apprenticeship, before finally dedicating themselves to their role within the company.