Always the right product

Overview of frasaco product group:

Dental models

  • Standard working model series ANA-4
  • Standard working model series AG-3
  • Standard working model series A-3
  • Pediatric dentistry
  • Preparation and endodontic exercises
  • Implantology and surgery
  • Edentulous models and dental laboratory
  • Dental hygiene and periodontology
  • Orthodontics, extraction, injection, x-ray
  • Demonstration models

Phantom heads

  • frasaco phantom heads P-6/3
  • frasaco phantom heads P-6/5
  • Accessories for frasaco phantom heads
  • frasaco phantom heads PK-1 and PK-2
  • Complete sets
  • Mounting assemblies
  • Dental training systems


  • Strip crowns
  • Pedodontal strip crowns
  • Matrix strips and dispensers
  • Matrix strip dispensers

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