frasaco offers you a complete range of dental training systems with phantom heads and a wide variety of dental models.

frasaco offers the most comprehensive range of dental simulators, study models and training models for hands-on practice in pre-clinical and post-graduate students’ laboratories in preventive and operative dentistry as well as fixed, removable and full prosthodontics, pediatric dentistry and orthodontics, radiology and anesthesia, endodontics, exodontia and oral surgery, oral hygiene, periodontology, gerodontology and implantology, pathology, anatomy and dental technique.

We offer you a broad range of phantom head models. They enable natural simulation of workflows across all areas of dentistry and dental technology. This allows trainees to work extremely close to conditions in practice.

Your benefits: absolute closeness to reality, easy operation, few single parts due to modular design, low maintenance requirements.

The intrinsic flexibility of the phantom heads allows each work station to be designed individually – according to the training objective in hand – as well as being added to subsequently.

frasaco is one of the leading suppliers of dental sundries. Strip crowns have been part of our portfolio for over 90 years, and we are still updating, optimizing and extending the range.

Among other items, our product range includes:

Patented dispenser for matrices

  • Single-hand operation
  • Bands at the required length and with clean cuts
  • One-off purchasing costs (inexpensive refill rolls)
  • No unnecessary waste

Strip crowns (pedodontal)

  • Proven matrices for fast and clean temporary restorations
  • Elastic, thin, easy to cut and with antistatic packaging
  • Extensive range with all conventional sizes
  • Special pedodontal strip crowns to restore badly damaged deciduous teeth
  • Practical refill boxes

Product group

Overview of frasaco product group:

Dental models

  • Standard working model series ANA-4
  • Standard working model series AG-3
  • Standard working model series A-3
  • Pediatric dentistry
  • Preparation and endodontic exercises
  • Implantology and surgery
  • Edentulous models and dental laboratory
  • Dental hygiene and periodontology
  • Orthodontics, extraction, injection, x-ray
  • Demonstration models

Phantom heads

  • frasaco phantom heads P-6/3
  • frasaco phantom heads P-6/5
  • Accessories for frasaco phantom heads
  • frasaco phantom heads PK-1 and PK-2
  • Complete sets
  • Mounting assemblies
  • Dental training systems


  • Strip crowns
  • Pedodontal strip crowns
  • Matrix strips and dispensers
  • Matrix strip dispensers

Did you know? Our turn-page catalog gives you further details, together with an overview of our entire product portfolio – enjoy browsing: Flipbook